fashion Fashion Design at TAI
Field trips TAI students exploring Olumirin Waterfalls, Erin Ijesha
MediaCamp MediaCamp 2018: India!
TIAC The Twim Institute Annual Conference 2018- Over 2500 participants!

Learning at The Twim Art Institute

Fashion Design- The Twim Art Institute
Departments & Courses

The Twim Art Institute provides training in the vocational arts including Fashion, Interaction Design, Media Arts, Creative Arts and Performing Arts.


While we emphasize practical learning, our instructors are well educated and accomplished graduates of various institutions within and outside Nigeria.

Equipment & Facilities

What’s vocational learning without the right environment? At The Twim Art Institute, we have invested heavily in ensuring that you get the very best environment and facilities.

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Upcoming Events & Programs

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  • The Twim Art Institute, Onireke, Ibadan
New Term Begins in September
  • 11:00 to 1:00 pm
  • Entrepreneurship Hall, The Twim Art Institute, Ibadan.
Graduation Ceremony!
  • Bangalore, India
MediaCamp 2018: India!
  • 8:00 to 4:00 pm
  • Daylan Events & Conference Center, Sango-Eleyele Road, Ibadan
The Twim Institute Annual Conference 2019
The Twim Institute Annual Conference 2018
Grow: Start, Build, Accelerate, Scale (TIAC 2018 Report)

TIAC 2018 set a new milestone in the business landscape of Nigeria. We brought together 2500 entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, students and policy makers and were able to teach, learn and hold meaningful conversations around the theme: GROW: Start, Build, Accelerate, Scale.

How to Make Lots of Money in the Media Arts: Part 2 (Filmmaking)

In the last post, I explored some of the ways you can make money as a photographer. Today, we will look at filmmaking. I will go straight to the point (if you have not read the last post, please find it here). Making Nollywood-style movies can be very profitable. But Nollywood is, in many ways, […]

How to Make Lots of Money in the Media Arts: Part 1 (Photography)

By popular demand (lol), I’m writing a series on how you can make money in the media arts. I will do this every day for the next one week or so. I will be posting on The Twim Art Institute’s blog, and cross posting on our Facebook page and on Nairaland. I teach my students stuff […]

The Twim Art Institute
Twim Academy is now The Twim Art Institute

Yes! After four years of innovative training at Twim Academy, we have decided it is time for a new level! The Twim Art Institute is one of Nigeria’s leading schools of the arts. We offer courses in the media arts, creative arts and performing arts, and will soon begin issuing National Diplomas. With equipment and facilities […]

Twim Academy Annual Conference 2017
Build That Business: TIAC 2017 Report

With about 1400 participants, TAAC 2017 became the biggest entrepreneurship event in Oyo State and one of the largest of such in Nigeria. We hosted Oluseun Onigbinde (CEO, BudgIT), Samson Abioye (Co-founder,, Victoria Ibiwoye (Youth Representative at the United Nations) and the host, Olumide Adeleye. All speakers shared their startup stories and spoke on […]

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