Frequently Asked Questions

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The Twim Art Institute is located in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, and one of the biggest cities in West Africa. Ibadan is generally very serene and conducive to learning. We encourage you to devote the necessary time to come over to Ibadan and learn at TAI as many have already done. It will be worth your while.

Yes! We provide hostel accommodation on campus on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more details about this, please get in touch with the Admissions Office. You can call / WhatsApp 09033279205 or email

We will rank among Nigeria’s most equipped schools operating at this level. All students have access to studios and equipment relevant to their courses.

Please contact the Admissions Office. Generally, new terms begin every 2 months. For a number of courses, you do not have to wait until the beginning of a new term. You will however have to complete your course cycle in all cases.

Please be informed that our classes are very intensive. We aim to help you learn as quickly, efficiently, and as effectively as possible. As a result, classes hold for all working days of the week and last from morning to afternoon. To ensure that you are able to relax, we have breaks during which you can play games (as we have a number of sports facilities on campus).

We pride ourselves on teaching an entrepreneurship model that works. As a result, we are almost completely certain that if you follow all our instructions dutifully, you will be self-employed (or be a business owner) within months of completing your course at the institute.

We are aware that a number of people prefer to work as employees (and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that). For such people, the portfolio you will develop while learning at TAI will serve as an invaluable contribution to your CV and go a long way in getting you hired.

Absolutely! We are excited when our students want to learn more and are happy to extend such opportunities for free (in some cases, we even pay interns under our “Earn as You Learn” program. We must add that the opportunity to intern with us is not guaranteed. It is premised on you having good grades and being of commendable behavior. Heads of relevant departments must approve before an intern is accepted.

At TAI, we place a premium on knowledge of the subject matter, being a practitioner in the relevant industry, and being an effective communicator. Our instructors are also well educated with most having a minimum of a first degree.

Yes, you can. Kindly note that there are very strict terms and conditions for this. Please discuss with the Admissions Office.

Any Other Question?

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Please feel free to reach out to us with whatever questions you may have. We generally respond to most enquiries within 24 hours.