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Can’t Gain Admission? Here Are Alternatives for You

In the last post, we talked about some of the reasons why it may be difficult to gain admission to a university in Nigeria. If you have been unable to gain admission, or you simply wish to pursue a different path, this post is definitely for you. Here, we will talk about alternative pathways you can follow to get into school or gain recognized qualifications:

1. Direct Entry Through A-Levels

A-Levels are an increasingly popular alternative to UTME for admission into Nigerian universities. With A-levels, you need not skip a year as you would be able to gain admission into 200-level in most universities.

There are different acceptable A-Level programs in Nigeria with the most popular ones being Cambridge A-Levels (British exams), JUPEB A-Levels and IJMB A-Levels.

Downsides to A-Levels apply generally to direct entry: most universities have a cap for how many admissions they can take through that route. Also, many candidates consider A-level studies to be very demanding.

2. Direct Entry Through ND / NID

A great option to pursue is that of obtaining a National Diploma from a polytechnic, monotechnic, or Innovation Enterprise Institution and then using that for direct entry admission into 200-level in a university.

Polytechnics and similar schools are generally known to be more hands-on and practical and are probably better positioned to produce entrepreneurial and skilled graduates. However, vocational education is, sadly, generally regarded as inferior to the university academic system in Nigeria. Another downside to consider is that this pathway takes two years of study before the candidate can become eligible for direct entry.

3. Pre-Degree Programs

Many Nigerian institutions including well-known public universities like OAU, FUTO, UNIPORT, and private universities such as Redeemers’ University, Ajayi Crowther University and others offer some form of pre-degree programme. A pre-degree programme is basically a one-year academic remedial-type programme organized by the university to prepare students for admission into that university. It should be noted, though, that participating in and passing a pre-degree programme does not always guarantee admission into that university. It can however ensure a level of preference for such candidates.

4. International Diplomas

Another pathway to higher education is international diplomas. These are basically valid diplomas or qualifications issued in other countries.

At Twim Institute, you can gain admission for UK diplomas in courses such as Information Technology, Business Management, as well as Hospitality and Tourism. These diplomas are awarded by British government-recognized awarding bodies and are regulated by the UK Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual). They are therefore valid equivalents of the first, second and final years of a British undergraduate degree at levels 4, 5 and 6 respectively.

There are several other advantages, such as the ability to top-up to degrees at final year, as well as the ability to use such qualifications for migration evaluations such as WES evaluation for entry to Canada.

To find out more about Twim Institute’s international diplomas. please click here.

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